It’s all go!

We are happy to announce the release of our new website! We’ve been working on My Eye Spy for a long time and we are happy to have finally released it to the App Store for you all to use! Along with the App we have launched our new website…

The new website includes lots of useful information about My Eye Spy. We will include information about releases, updates, tips and tricks, user gifts and much more. Remember to check back here!

Our main home page includes a lot of useful information about the My Eye Spy game but here are some basics…


My Eye Spy is an iOS App available on the App Store now. My Eye Spy is a new take on the classic game of ‘I spy with my little eye…’.

You no longer need to only play I spy in a car on a long journey. Play I spy with your friends and family on the go, from across the world or from across the living room.


Take a photo or select one. Then choose an object/word. Select where the object is in the photo and send to your opponent. Take it in turns to guess each others turns. You can select from a range of difficulties detailed below


Easy – Less points are available but you will start with the starting letter and see the amount of letters within the word.

Normal – Medium points are available, this is the normal way of playing. You will only know the starting letter of the word.

Hard – The most points are available, but its difficult. You will only know the amount of characters in the word, no starting letter.


Remember to check back on our Blog for updates and gifts etc. If you are looking for more information on My Eye Spy check out our Press Kit which provides sharing information too.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Contact us and let us know.


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