Hello all,

We have now released version 1.3 to the AppStore… 🎉🚀

This update includes a range of new features, bug/crash fixes and much more.

CK Error 2 Update

We noticed that some users were receiving CK2 errors when trying to accept games and play turns. We’ve worked hard on a release to try and resolve these. From our testing we are no longer able to reproduce the errors. However, if you do still experience this error (or any other) be sure to contact us at support@myeyespy.io to help get resolved.

My Eye Spy app – Version 1.3 Release Notes

We hope you are enjoying My Eye Spy! We will be bringing regular updates including improvements, new features and bug fixes.

** In this release we have made some great updates to the Store including better pricing for all our Helper packs! Check the store regularly to find special offer pricing and new helper packs! **

– iOS 8 issues with delete key not working
– Unlimited games fix, remember to purchase the unlock all games and play as many games as you would like!
– Fixed crashes when removing declined and pending games.
– Bug fixes all over including CK2 error fixes.

– You can now zoom your selected image when creating a turn, pick something difficult to guess 🙂
– Dutch Translations. You came and we provided, enjoy My Eye Spy now available in Dutch! If you find any corrections, please let us know at support@myeyespy.io. Thanks!
– You can now see the score available when selecting the difficulty… Game on!

Remember if you enjoy using My Eye Spy, please leave us a review on the AppStore it really helps! Thanks


Your support and App Store reviews really help us to grow. So if you do have any feedback please contact us we’d be happy to hear it – support@myeyespy.io

Happy ‘eye’ spying…