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My Eye Spy app version 1.5.4 includes the following:

We hope you are enjoying My Eye Spy! We will be bringing regular updates including improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Remember if you enjoy using My Eye Spy, please leave us a review on the AppStore it really helps!

– We fixed an issue that stopped the home screen from loading
– Fixed an issue when swiping games on the home screen. You can swipe games to see the scores and quick options.
– Fixed multiple issues for the camera and photos
– Fixed issues with removing pending and declined games
– Multiple other fixes

– We’ve made a bunch of stability improvements and are working on a better environment and new functionality. Keep My Eye Spy up to date to get the newest features.

If you have any issues, please contact us: support@myeyespy.io
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Leaving a review really helps, if you enjoy playing My Eye Spy please leave us a review on the AppStore! Thanks

We’ve been working on hard on stability improvements which should reach the AppStore soon. Happy ‘eye spying’…