Tech Crunch feature My Eye Spy app which is available for Free on the AppStore now. If you have not already grabbed it get it here.

Tech Crunch have featured My Eye Spy, check out what they had to say here…

Tech Crunch Feature My Eye Spy app

The game mechanic is simple; You take a photo and tap on your chosen object. Type in the word, and whisk your challenge off to a friend. You take turns to guess what item your friend was thinking of, and whoever guesses quickest, wins.

You can either take your own photos, or pick from a number of included images, and the app is launching in a slew of languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese), so give it a whirl.



For those of you that may not know, Tech Crunch is a leading company in technology media.

Thanks for the feature! We look forward to many more…

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